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Hey Prema, great music, downloaded CD from itunes, fantastic chilled and delightful, all at U'Luvka Vodka..

Mark Chapman22.04.2013

Keep it going girl! Nice tunes and nice playing!

Amir Yussof31.10.2011

Hi Prema You have done well.. very well indeed.. congratulations!!! ida

Ida Lazarus09.06.2011

proud of you

Susan Sharmini Ebenezar12.01.2011

Hoi! just wanna say you're awesome!*


Received a meesage at the station about Prema and I have to say I am very impressed. Great music! Will defnitely play something from the album on my show.

A-Beatz of wtnrradio.com27.04.2010

Love your music and would like to speak with someone regarding adding some tracks in the rotation on Thanks

DA Wiliams05.04.2010

HI!!!! ALLTHE BEST THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC EXPERIENCE PEACE n LOVE ps...You looking sexy Babe!!!!! Shah Tahir

Shah Tahir02.04.2010

Good tunes! Your not just a pretty face. All the best and good luck for the future!


Our families go back a long way to those good ol Taiping days. I was a small kid then. Just ordered In fusion and looking forward to listening to your CD. Well done to all you have achieved. Very inspiring.


Thank you for great music, i am enjoying your album so much and cant wait to see you perform live.

James Bilson23.08.2009

Very nice site!

Very nice site!06.08.2009

hi beautiful, Mrs Lucas taught me Music Appreciation and English Literature. of course she used u in many of her examples. i finally met u in a club and u signed your autograph. that was cool of u.

syaziyan @ papa sean03.06.2009

I knew from the moment I first heard your voice that this album was going to be very very special indeed. Prema you are an amazing talent and a truely inspirational individual! Thank you for getting it 'So Right' and bringing a lot more funky sunshine into the world! x

Matt Grant (The Beat Collector)27.05.2009

It has been a while. You have always been one of my best musical experience! Love always...


hey Prema, You gave me your first cd about 12 years ago in Surfers Paradise. Eversince I wondered how you ve been going. I wish you all the best. Listening to your cd i know that you ve got the talent to become a big star!! Rene, The Haque, Holland

rene de zeeuw24.09.2008

Hey Prema, I've really been enjoying your music, and look forward to meeting you while you're here in NYC. Kirk

Kirk D. Shindle24.09.2008

Hey Prem.... been listening to your album online over and over...;) Lurve it!! Cant wait to see you in NYC;) Hugs and kisses Norman

Norman Lim30.06.2008

Hi Prema. Hope you are well and enjoyig life. Paddy


Wow! Such a rich tone loved listening to you,don't want to stop...May all ur dreams come true.


love your music... all the best for 2008!


my darling Prem.....cold winter's day in canberra and i thought of you! love the website darling....deep rich colours and lush velvety feel......just like your voice and music!!! photography is look so, so beautiful!! hugs! much love dear friend . LVO xxx

elvio d'angelo07.08.2007

dear prema,you have a lovely voice,you gave me your card today 2nd may,i think you should have be love for the B side.wish you great success,see you soon,chat in the shop, next time your in.take good care. xxx

Irene 02.05.2007

Interesting website has so appropriate! Wish you continue with best luck!!!


I listened to your songs, you really have an amazing voice. Looking forward to hearing more.


music is great! one love


Hi Prema, Just met you at Dions (I sang can't hide love by EWF) Looking forward to hearing your music. Drop me a line.


Hi Want to hear your songs, got you while browsing. luck be with you always Cheers Praveen from London


Ciao bella Prema, was at Jazz Cafe last nite and just wanted to say, I loved every minute of your performance, base player and drummer too. Thanks a million for your generosity, can't put your cd down.... 'in the meantime' .... I'll be waiting to come and jump around a little more at your next gig! Congratulations all of you, beautiful STARS!!! A BIG KISS Coco

Coco Mepua26.06.2006

Hi! Prema, it's uncle Barney. Hope you remember me. Your site is cool but sorry could not hear your songs. I'm sure they are as cool as you. Take care and keep in touch. Best of luck.


Hi Prema, have met the lady now looking forward to hearing the voice. Jazz cafe here we come. B & Daddy J


Hiya beautiful! love the two new tracks but my vote is definitely for be love. listening to your other songs made me realise how much i miss your voice. Lots of love form malaysia. hope to see you soon


Wonderful website...colors, well, just as you are, warm and deep. Love it. no sound :(. pitty. I had two packed evenings in NBT with latin band, Cuban music. CD is going well. Lots of succes in good health is what we wish you.

Gina G.29.04.2006

Hiya hun Great new website.. love the new songs too cya soon


you are looking very beautiful - i can't hear the music yet and thank you for sending it to me lots of love Susan

susan subramaniam26.04.2006

WOW!!! Your voice is very Powderful. A big fan from the tropics.

Wavey Davey26.04.2006

Hey Prema loved your show on the 7th in orange rooms. Im one of the girls from animation who was your front row fan club. Glad too see you've taken my friends advice and added a guest book to your website. Good Luck for future can't wait to hear more of your music lv Jacqueline xx


Was privilaged to hear your music at the acoustic gig at the Orange Rooms (8th Feb 2004). I'm glad you took up my idea of a guestbook and I can't wait till we can come listen to you on tour again. Good luck, not that you'll need it. Your talent speaks for itself. Thanks for making a good night out great :)


looking forward to seeing you gig more often soon I hope.


heard songs,impressive.hope 2 get a audition sometime.good 2 chear ur playing reading jazz club,would love 2 b involved.c u TERRY

terry conrad24.04.2006

Hi Prema,
Had the priviledge of teaching you in Adelaide, Australia. You were amazingly talented then and such a beautiful girl. So glad that you are doing so well. You really deserve all the success. I was so proud of you then and am still so proud of you now. Take Care and keep singing..... PS Would love to see you in Darwin, AUSTRALIA. Any chance?


listened to songs on web site...excellent , hope to see u gig soon


ello Prema, as you know I was one of your original groupies back in your Malaysia days, you were great then and from what I have heard off the site your even better now. Many a good night had listening to your fantastic vocals! Still have your cd and my friends love it.

Mark (Madrid)


Hiya Prema
just checking out your voice.. very nice
cya monday


I love the sound, kisses from quinta da rochinha ponta do sol.chao


I heard your songs and it sounds very good keep doing it
When u come back to madeira??Maybe we can play together....


hello prema
the cd that you send to Estalagem da ponta do sol is fantastic.
Blacky and Shacka enjoy very much the toy.
kisses for you

cristina bodeão24.04.2006

we`re listenig your songs and we`re loving it. lot of kisses and hugs. next time you have to sing for us.

lidia , gina , ana24.04.2006

Aloha... how's things... hope you still do remember me :-) lov ur songs.. cheers n take care... dooo keep in touch yaaa


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