Aarmana Lifestyle Magazine cover Prema - in Fusion

Aarmana - Love Fusion

"Effortlessly she sings as if the world revolves around her little finger ... and yes it does, and so will yours' when you start listening to Prema

Her voice flows like water and edges the hardened recesses of the heart... denting it to comfortably lounge therein, recalling imageries of the past, as the moment sets for Love. InFusion literally takes you by the hand and before you know it, you'll be listening to it everywhere - in the car, in your iPhone... There are many talented performers from Asia Pacific, but not many from Malaysia, and when someone like Prema charges forth in the industry, you're bound to remember that voice, or the lyrics that exudes Love connotations - if you're yet to fall in love, Prema will coo like a perfumed breeze embracing your heart. Prema is not only talented, but each note, each word, and each breath is soul personified. With a charming and sensible personality, this lady will go far, and if contemporary music does not 'rock' your world, you can rest assure that inFusion will."

- Aarmana, 'Love Fusion' July 2009

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