Tony Gillis masters Prema’s new album

The mixed album is now being mastered by renowned engineer Tony Gillis who has also worked with the likes of Prince! Prema, Eshy and Tony have a chat about direction and style then leave Tony to do his thing.

Prema heads out on Broadway and for the first time since arriving gets to take in a bit of NYC. She heads straight for Dean & Deluca and on the way discovers a Bowers & Wilkins store; she is in heaven! Prema returns shortly bearing a Dean & Deluca cheesecake for the studio and is greeted by a now fully mastered album. Tony hands Prema her baby and she is quite overcome.

Studio owner Dave Crafa comes into the studio with 2 dozen yellow roses for Prema as a parting gesture. There are moist eyes all round and lots of hugs and kisses as Prema bids a fond farewell to the team at The Cutting Room.

Prema & Tony Gillis
Prema & the roses with interns Carlos & Jess