Prema talks about In Fusion

Taken from the album inlay – From conception to completion this album has evolved naturally and organically, dictating its own pace and flow. It typifies my creative process, allowing its course to shape it, and as a result is an authentic depiction of me and all who were a part of its design. This project came into being because of an intention. I wanted to create an album that was open, honest and alive which when recorded exuded the energy of a ‘live’ performance; pervasive and charged. From start to finish the core of this album had to be its sincerity. With that sentiment this remarkable journey began...

My first task was to craft the songs by writing, re-working, arranging and pre-producing them; recording directly into Logic on my MacBook Pro. Whilst doing this I threw a virtual net out into the ether wanting to attract the perfect musicians to play on this album. I took some wrong turns at this stage, but they served (as wrong turns always do) only to guide me to the right path. I eventually found my way to the legendary Peter Erskine, a man whose playing has been an inspiration to me for so long. One afternoon, while watching the Weather Report DVD ‘Live in Offenbach, Germany (1978)’ I had an epiphany. I knew just what Peter’s drumming would bring to my music; that flair, that impeccable timing, that colour and breadth, those magical fills and tasty grooves – it would take this album to new heights. 100So, I sought him out and would you believe, got in touch with him via MySpace? In fact, I also contacted Luis Perdomo and Damian Erskine (Peter’s nephew) through MySpace as well. When I got Peter's reply saying that he would be happy to be a part of the project, I was not only honoured but elated at the prospect of working with my favourite drummer of all time.

Finding Peter set me on a quest to seek out musicians of a certain calibre and depth. I knew that these musicians needed to be able to feed off and inspire each other, and with Peter on board we had the man who would be an anchor for the entire band. He is without a doubt one of the greatest drummers the world has known; his musical alliances coupled with his phenomenal playing commands instant respect. Nevertheless, it’s the true greats like Peter who are most down to earth and unfeigned – imagine my delight when I found him to be an incredibly warm, generous and affectionate man. Working with him was a dream come true.